NEO Coolcam TUYA Smart Wifi Sensor de Movimiento PIR de Alarma Detector de Infrarrojo Pasivo Para la Automatización del Hogar Sistema de Alarma para Casa

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  • Inalámbrica De Tipo: 2.4 GHz
  • Corriente Nominal: 10uA
  • Apoyo: Amazon alexa,Goole Asistente
  • Materia: PC/ABS(V0)
  • Número De Modelo: NAS-PD01W
  • Nombre De La Marca: Coolcam
  • Alcance Inalámbrico: 45m en zona abierta
  • protocolo de: Wi-fi IEEE 802.11 B/G/N
  • La Vida De La Batería: 2 año(batería no incluida)
  • Origen: CN(Origen)

Especificaciones: Batería:CR123*1(batería no incluida) Corriente de espera:20uA Tiempo en espera:1years(25times/día),2 años(10times/día) Inalámbrico tipo:2.4 GHz Protocolo:IEEE 802.11 b/g/n Alcance inalámbrico:45m Temperatura de funcionamiento:0-40degree(32 ° F-104 ° F) Operando humedad:20-85 Temperatura De Almacenamiento:0 A 90

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Fantastic, better than another one I bought comes with your e stack with two base a super magnetic!!
By denying schvidko. The goods are described.
Barbie Iremm
Ryborz Feuerloescher
It perfectly does its function, although more than a dynamic motion sensor, I consider it a presence sensor, as it takes time to detect a new movement between 1 and 2 minutes. For its cost, you cannot ask for more. Enough to have a presence alarm at a certain location. Special attention must be paid to the wifi signal where it is located. It should be relatively close to the router if other wifis exist in the environment to avoid interference as with intensities similar signal from other wifis (on the same channel) stop sending alarms after a few hours and you need to re-release it on the APP. It does not support 5Ghz wifi networks, it would be a factor to improve in upcoming versions. Very easy to install wherever you want, bring a small adhesive or a small taco and screw. Its circular base lets you turn and place the sensor as you like, with a practical opening of just over 90 degrees and a range of about 5m. Certainly very useful, I recommend.