Colón V-1000 Portátil GPS Registrador de Datos V1000 reloj Inteligente de navegación GPS compatible con OS X V10.7 windows 7, Linux 2.6.12 presión

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  • Origen: CN(Origen)
  • Número De Modelo: V-1000

El registro de datos.Disfrutando de la vida.

Más inspiración.Más de un Registrador de Datos GPS.

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A. Delivery time: the order arrived in 22 days via Aliexpress Standard Shipping. B. Packaging: it is perfect, since the package is covered outside by a waterproof bag and inside with anti-bump material, allowing the product to arrive very well. C. Tracking: The order was tracked at all times. D. Seller: respond timely to all questions and requirements. E. Product quality: the product is 100% original and presents very good details, but the initial configuration is quite difficult, as the base language arrived in traditional Chinese, but after several attempts I can modify to English. F. Specifications: product meets the requirements according to photographs presented by the seller on the page. G. Others: No additional payment was made to insert the product to the country of destination, thanks to the seller's statement.
Q8 Albloshe 83
14 days delivery to Western EU Perfect packaging and logistic Excellent tracker and device Very pleasant seller, good communication, good service!
Frank Lucas1966
The watch will no longer connect to my laptop. I love the watch, but without being able to connect to either my MacBook, or my Dell computer, the watch is useless. I tried two separate cables using both laptops. Still not recognized. What do you suggest I do?