DC 12V 0.35 UN SFD-CAP10025L Turbo ventilador purificador de aire con ventilador centrífugo de NUEVO

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Estado: Nuevo


  • Nombre De La Marca: haykea
  • Líneas: 4 Líneas
  • Disipador De Calor Del Material: De plástico
  • La Interfaz De Energía: 4pin
  • El Volumen De Aire: 45CFM
  • Tipo de: Ventilador
  • Origen: CN(Origen)
  • Aplicación: Caja De La Computadora

Etiquetas: aire ozon, centrífuga para, ventilador centrífugo mini, 12v aire centrífugos, prp centrífuga, ventilador pequeño, FAN DE DC, pc controlando, 220v motor del ventilador, casero ventilador centrífugo.


Spb-17 days!!! Thank you, did not expect! Great fan! Wheel outer diameter is 100mm, inner is 74mm, thickness is 16mm. When connected: Red Plus, Black minus-turns clockwise. When you change the power supply, nothing happens. In all probability there is some kind of protection scheme. It is gaining momentum smoothly, what quantity I can not say, but on the shell of the fan itself, enough. And also, after a full set of turns, if you reconnect the power, immediately does not pick up... Resets to minimum, and starts again. Which again confirms some sort of scheme in nutrition. Looks like used, but in very good condition! Immediately I order the second. Inserted into the center of the fan cylinder, air sucks, but how to check how many ??? I have nothing. There is no imbalance of the impeller. It works quietly. Packed in boxes. All good!
Tiky Riky
Received today. Not recommended. Fan is tilted on its shaft, so it has a lot of vibration, which makes it loud when mounted in any enclosure. The Box was NOT DAMAGED, so it is manufacturer fault.